Last month, right after the Oscars, it was widely reported that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx had broken up because he said onstage at an Oscar party that he was single. Does what he says, particularly about his dating status, really mean anything though? The whole time they’ve been together, they’ve never said anything about each other, they’ve spent their entire relationship trying to publicly avoid that it exists. He, clearly, goes out of his way to deny that it exists. 

One day after the headlines broke about Katie and Jamie supposedly breaking up, I wrote about a tip I got about them being seen together in Victoria, BC where Katie was shooting a movie. They were at a local restaurant having dinner. And yesterday they were papped going a walk in Central Park in New York and then heading to the Met – the Daily Mail has the photos. I’m attaching solo shots of Katie on her way home that were apparently taken afterwards. They must have known they were photographed and left separately. 

We can conclude, then, that they were never broken up to begin with, right? That he was doing on that stage as he always does, which is to pretend in public that they’re not a thing? So the next time, because he’s probably going to do it again, can we ignore it? Or will we have to repeat this process only to undo it a month later?