What, in your opinion, is the most romantic season? Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall? Since I was born in the Fall, I say Fall. Autumn colours are my favourite. Autumn fashion is my favourite. Because you don’t have to hide – at least where I live – under a huge coat and both shorts and turtlenecks will work depending on the week. Options! Fall fashion is about options! 


As for falling in love… 

Katie Holmes’s love life is straddling two seasons. She and Emilio Vitolo Jr started in August but their love story is still in its first heady chapter as they continue to be photographed all over New York all over each other. The other day they were kissing outside his restaurant – and it looked like the kind of lingering, I don’t want to leave but I know I have to leave but I don’t want to leave, kissing that so often happens during the first stage of relationship intoxication. The pull is so strong that even a celebrity like Katie, who would know that paps would be hanging out around the restaurant, doesn’t seem to give a sh-t who sees. 

Katie and Emilio have been making headlines for a couple of weeks now. And, well, they don’t appear to be hiding. Yesterday they were photographed again walking hand in hand down the street after what the paps called a “joyride in his red Pontiac”. A red Pontiac! Now that is a choice! 


For days now I’ve been trying to decide who he reminds me of – is it …Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Like in the face? Has someone else mentioned this? Google tells me yes. In a piece for The Cut, Madeleine Aggeler described Emilio as “if Joseph Gordon-Levitt were a spicy, chiseled meatball”. I see JGL from some angles. Like this one: 

But from other angles… I see …Matt Damon? Just me?