We saw it first on Bella Hadid, or at least that’s who I saw it on first, and then on Kim Kardashian – the 2021 Cut-Out is showing up all over the place, and the latest to wear it is Katie Holmes. 


Here’s Katie in New York this weekend in a black crop tank, over a white long, fitted skirt, and the main feature here is the 2021 pelvic cut-out which, on her, is sitting closer to the waist, but you get the idea. Those two slashes are the trend of the moment, and you know, it didn’t occur to me when I was first writing about the 2021 cut-out but I can see it so much more clearly here on Katie that it looks like the style of swimsuit Agent Provocateur has been doing for years, especially with bikini bottoms and other intimates. Like this: 


They release this style every year in different colours. I got one in 2015 on sale in orange and black, and to be honest, it’s confusing to put on (the top part), at least for me, because I only wear sports bras and the clasp at the back is like math, but once it’s on, it doesn’t move, it actually feels really sporty. You don’t worry about slip-off. 

And that’s the goal of the 2021 cut-out, it’s a 2020s answer to the low-rise of the 2000s, with the support of a high waist, so that you don’t have to keep hitching, but the sexiness and the hint of risqué of its ancestor. I think I would have liked Katie’s look more had she gone with a white top instead.