Katy Perry dropped her new song, “Daisies” with an accompanying video that marvel at the power of human resilience and visually manifested through her naked, pregnant body. “Daisies” is meant to join “Firework” and “Roar” in her catalogue and as an empowerment anthem it does the job but I’m not sure it hits quite as effectively as its predecessors. I kept expecting for the chorus to really blow up but after a few listens, it doesn’t quite land – at least not for me. You may feel differently and if you’re going to be stomping to "Daisies" on your weekend walks, that’s great too, this is how art works. 


But of course there was more to “Daisies” than just the music. For days now people have been speculating whether or not “Daisies” would be a collaboration with Taylor Swift. After all, the announcement of the song two weeks ago and Taylor wearing a sweater with daisies on it on Instagram happened on the two year anniversary of Katy sending flowers to Taylor and officially ending their beef. Fans have also been following all kinds of other clues. 

So was this just a case of looking for something that was never really there? 

The thing is, Katy’s been coy when asked about Taylor and “Daisies”. On Monday, when Taylor came up  while she was promoting American Idol, here’s how Katy answered: 


She’s not new to this. She knows what she’s doing, of course she does. Whatever helps generate excitement, right? But then there’s this: Katy will be performing "Daisies" for the first time on the American Idol season finale on Sunday. Now check out this tweet:

The first two emojis are a daisy and two blondes with a heart in between them. Katy’s blonde (right now) and Taylor’s blonde so… will Taylor show up during the broadcast for a duet?


It was Katy who showed up first for Taylor last year in the “You Need To Calm Down" video and, you know, if we were looking to even-Steven the situation, this could make sense. Also American Idol airs on ABC and Taylor’s City of Lover concert will be airing on ABC immediately following the Idol finale. That seems like not just a coincidence, right?