As you know, they’re rebooting American Idol on ABC. Last week, it was reported that Kelly Clarkson was supposed to be one of the judges but she’s going to The Voice instead. Now it’s Katy Perry. According to TMZ the deal is almost done and they’ll announce it at the ABC Upfronts later this week. Katy has also just today confirmed the title of her new album: Witness. She’ll go on tour in September.

Katy is one of the top artists in the game. And American Idol isn’t exactly a top show anymore. It was cancelled for a reason. Simon Cowell has openly declared that he’s not interested. I don’t know anyone who was missing American Idol. If you do, please let me know. But here’s the Show Your Work question: American Idol needs Katy Perry but does Katy Perry need American Idol? Does she need to be locked into all those auditions and the live shows?


As Jezebel pointed out earlier today, Katy knows her way around a hit song but her last two singles, Chained To The Rhythm and Bon Appetit, aren’t exactly bangers, especially not in comparison to her previous hits. Apparently she’s bundling the album with the tour tickets so that they’ll count as sales so as to preserve  her #1 streak. (Can’t wait to hear from all those Taylor Swift fans chiming in about whether or not Taylor has to do that… and if she doesn’t… if that means TAYLOR IS BETTER, THE BEST!) Are Katy and her management, sensing that she might be at a plateau, or maybe even a decline, looking at American Idol for a boost? Would American Idol deliver that boost though? Seriously? 

Attached – Katy at Wango Tango this weekend.