As I mentioned yesterday, this will happily be a week of Keanu Reeves content as we approach the release of The Matrix Resurrections. Keanu stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night. Do you remember the last time Keanu was on Colbert? It was during the press tour for John Wick 3 and towards the end of the conversation, Keanu was asked about the then-upcoming Bill & Ted Face the Music, and for whatever cosmic reason, they started talking about mortality. I don’t think Stephen intended his question to be taken in such an emotional direction, but Keanu’s answer clearly moved him. It moved us all. 



Colbert isn’t necessarily like his predecessor, David Letterman, who was pretty transparent about who his favourites were. But there’s no doubt that Keanu is one of them. Keanu’s appearance this time was a three block interview – and back in the Letterman days, you had to earn your three blocks. I’d like to believe the same with Keanu and Colbert. And the other way around; you can tell, they enjoy each other. I’d like to believe that Colbert appreciates that Keanu is a person of substance. He thinks deeply, despite the jokes that have been made about him over the years, but he speaks accessibly. Which is why we get those profound moments like the one in the video above about the people who miss us when we’re gone. 

There are a few more of those in this new interview, as he shares his thoughts on fear, anxiety, and uncertainty all somehow in the context of the Matrix and, also, his memes. Stephen does bring up the infamous one, the Sad Keanu meme. 


And you really should see it for yourself, how he answers (it’s the third video below), but I’ll give you a preview – when Colbert asks him why he thinks he’s so memeable, Keanu ultimately lands on this: 

“Meme on me”, as in meme on him. It’s a great line, delivered the way only he can deliver it, and it also comes with a little surprise, which I won’t spoil. Keanu and Colbert, it’s a tradition now.