I don’t know about you but today has been a lot. And my costume isn’t even all that involved. But when you work in television, Halloween means extra shoots. We’re shooting solos in costume, couple shots in costume, group shots in costume. This, in part, is why I’m a Halloween Grinch – it’s so much extra work! 


Let me lighten the mood though because I don’t want my Halloween bitch to infect you, if Halloween is what you’re into. Here’s someone we can all agree on: Keanu Reeves. 

Keanu was out with friends last night for dinner. He was making headlines yesterday because there was a non-update update on the Constantine sequel - he’s agreed to do it, they want to make it truly R-rated, but no script is in place yet. And Francis Lawrence will be directing. So the intention is there but we’re nowhere near being close to even starting production, even without the strike it’ll be a few years yet. 


In the meantime, Keanu Reeves is spending his time during the labour action not being a scab, probably supporting other actors and people in the industry in his own quiet, unproblematic way, even though he’s one of those actors who has the money to ride this out forever if he had to. This is not a celebrity who puts his own needs and interests above others who are less fortunate, we can be confident in that. 

My favourite part of these photos is that after dinner, as he’s preparing to ride home, he’s just getting on all his gear on the street, with his belongings on the ground. I’m not a superstar, nowhere close to one, and even I would be like… um… someone find me a very nice washroom so I can change! This is why he’s Keanu and we love him so much, especially on a day I hate so much.