The Golden Globe nominations will be announced two months from tomorrow. You know how every year the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is good for at least one WTF nomination? It would be not at all WTF if Always Be My Maybe got a nomination for Best Comedy and I think Keanu Reeves should be nominated for Supporting Actor, seriously. This is not a joke. 

You’ve seen the movie, right? His performance in Always Be My Maybe WILL BE FUNNY FOREVER.

You know what always kills me during the dinner scene? When he tells “Jenny” that “the only stars that matter are the ones you look at when you dream”, and the camera cuts to her and there are tears streaming down her face.

Anyway, Ali Wong is currently on her Milk & Money Tour and she performed in LA on Saturday. Guess who showed up to support her? 


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What makes it even better is that even though he knows Ali and even though he’s KEANU REEVES, he did not expect special treatment. 

Be honest, if you were Keanu Reeves, would you do this? I’ll tell you right now, I wouldn’t. I would be an asshole. I would tell them to build me a f-cking balcony with access to a private bar. That, however, has never been Keanu. All Keanu wanted to do was be there for his friend and enjoy the comedy routine just like everybody else. 

By the way, he was there with Alexandra Grant. He is always everywhere with Alexandra Grant. Are we ready to declare that they’re a couple? 

I know the main takeaway here is that they’re together but my takeaway is that it looks like he’s buying merch! So he not only shows up for his friends, and pays for his own ticket, but he also gets the t-shirt, or the poster, or whatever it is that the salesperson is putting on the counter in the same tour colours from Ali’s website. God love and protect him, please. Please let’s all take care of Keanu Reeves. 

Attached – Keanu at the Semper Fi screening a couple of weeks ago. (Thanks Jenna!)