So were you more interested in Princess Eugenie’s wedding than you thought you would be? But also…not THAT interested? Like, how much do you care about Jack Brooksbank? How much do you know about Jack? Did you know what Jack’s grandma said about him? Is his grandma Maggie Smith? It’s a very Maggie Smith thing to say. Also I love when Michael K writes about Harry and Royal Meghan. He still hasn’t recovered. “Slap us down with their love” is taking me to the weekend. (Dlisted) 

Curmudgeon alert: I’m not into Halloween. I’m surrounded by people who are. But Halloween, to me, is a pain in the ass. I work on two TV shows. That whole day is just hair and makeup and wardrobe and it’s stress because all that sh-t takes me away from this blog and I’m always worried about not being able to write and WAH WAH WAH, Lainey, shove your suck attack up your ass, you whinging c-nt. Fair. That’s fair. ANYWAY. Do you have your Halloween costume set yet? Do you need a suggestion? (Pajiba) 

Hey, hey, hey! What do you mean “JUST GOSSIP”? Unless you mean “just” as in fair. As in right. Stop disparaging gossip. Especially since your husband has actively used gossip to his advantage – see his relationships with both TMZ and the National Enquirer and local New York papers. (TMZ) 

I’ve been a little underwhelmed lately with Keira Knightley on the red carpet. And this is atypical because she’s usually such a great Chanel ambassador. This, then, is a return to form. I LOVE this sweater. I love that the fit is like armour. I love the contrast between the sweater and the soft billowing white skirt. This is the usual Keira standard. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Earlier I posted about Cara Delevingne, how she was my best dressed at Princess Eugenie’s wedding and the Outfit of the Week. Here are some other celebrities at the wedding today, including Kate Moss, who was with her daughter, Lila Grace, and Lila’s giving me Anna Kournikova vibes. Also Demi Moore. Demi is good friends with Fergie, if you were wondering. (Cele|bitchy) 

In today’s site open, I talked about Prince Andrew and Fergie and how this is their day too. Did you hear what he said about why Princess Eugenie had more guests at her wedding than Prince Harry an Royal Meghan? It’s not just that quote. I picture him puffing out his chest when he said that. (New York Times)