In early July, Keke Palmer went to see Usher in Las Vegas. She wore a sheer dress over a bodysuit and was seen dancing with Usher during the show—harmless fun for a new mom enjoying a girls’ night out—but Keke’s boyfriend, whose name google says is Darius Jackson, had a whole ass freakout about it


In the weeks following that incident, Keke was seen going about her business, deciding to live her life as she sees fit, and now she is capping off her summer with a move that is either capitalizing on one of the major pop culture moments of the summer, getting revenge on her dumbass baby daddy, or both: Keke stars in Usher’s new music video for “Boyfriend”. 

Though there still has not been official confirmation that Keke and Darius are done, signs are looking more and more like they are. In the video, Keke revisits Vegas, dressing hot for a girls’ night out, lip-syncing and dancing to Usher’s song. The chorus states, “Somebody said that your boyfriends’ looking for me/That’s cool.” Later in the video, Keke dances with Usher (again), and she ends the video by saying, “I’m a mother…after all,” an apparent nod to Darius’s original comment about her fun night out, “You a mom.” It’s fun and playful and probably irks the hell out of Darius (bonus).


On the other side of the fence Darius sources are telling PEOPLE that Darius has “moved on” and is focusing on an acting career—naturally—and that “you don’t have to be in the same household to be good parents.” That is very true! Many people will say they are better parents for NOT living in the same household! Keke totally kicked his ass out, didn’t she! 

Again, there is no official confirmation that they have broken up. There’s just Keke out here talking about living as a free spirit and making music videos directly referencing the Vegas night out kerfuffle with her probably ex-boyfriend in a sexy, fun, tongue in cheek way that comes across as supremely unruffled and unbothered. Keke’s revenge is sweet, indeed.