I LOVE this new profile of Kelly Rowland by Phillip Picardi for The Cut. A quick note on Phillip – he was part of the Teen Vogue team, alongside the leadership of Elaine Welteroth, that broadened the magazine’s content to include politics and social activism as well as fashion and beauty. Here is what he tweeted this morning: 


In today’s open, I mentioned Ava DuVernay’s comment about Black people and the “energy for survival”. One way to survive is to find joy. As Hadiya Roderique shared last year in Chatelaine, “for black people, being… joyful is an act of resistance”. thought about this while reading Phillip’s piece this morning about Kelly – Kelly sounds like she’s in a great place, working on a new album that will drop later this year, ready to address some of the deepest cuts in her life, including her relationship with her birth mother, and also active on social media, engaging her followers and friends in conversations about sex, sexual health, and prioritising sexual pleasure. This is a great read, she looks stunning in the feature, and stunning as f-ck in the video for “Coffee”, the single she dropped a couple of months ago (embedded below). 

In other Kelly news, speaking of her social media activity, she like so many others has been sharing her adventures in baking. Bruno Mars made fun of her back in April for her brownies:


Now she’s partnered with Betty Crocker so Bruno may have been laughing then, but as her best friend Beyoncé said, “best revenge is your paper”. Per Us Weekly, during lockdown, Kelly says she’s been getting better and cooking and baking “cakes, cookies, and cupcakes” but the big challenge is pie:

“A girlfriend of mine just sent me a pie recipe and I sent it back to her because I was like, ‘I don’t know what the hell to do with the crust if I tried!'” she told Us. “I’m not a very good cook, so I always need a little bit of help and that’s why me and my son always resort to Betty Crocker classics.”

I’ve made a traditional pie once. It’s a pain in the ass. But also? I think I prefer rustic pie or galette anyway – and it’s way easier. Here’s one that I’ve baked a few times now and just this past weekend. One thing I did find though with this recipe is that I ended up using a lot more ice water than is called for in the recipe, so if you find that your dough isn’t coming together, just add more water. I wish I could tell Kelly this, because I’m the most hopeless baker and if I can do it, I know she can too. 


Click here to read her feature at The Cut.

Attached - Kelly grocery shopping in LA the other day.