Dear Gossips,

Today is Big G’s seventh birthday. To celebrate the occasion, Kensington Palace has released two new photos of G that were taken, as usual, by his mother Kate – and he’s colour coordinated! Here’s Big G in dark olive green in the first portrait: 


And another of G wearing a camouflage t-shirt in the second: 

The shot of Big G wearing the solid green shirt was likely taken the same day of Prince William’s birthday photo shoot. We saw those pictures back in June:


I guess this is now a House Cambridge tradition: releasing a preview shot the day before, like a teaser. It’s another example of how their social media strategy has become more sophisticated over the last year. 

Last year, Big G spent his birthday in Mustique. This year the Cambridges are in Norfolk and although many restrictions have been lifted in the UK, it’ll reportedly be a quieter day. And now we’re just about six weeks away from a new school year. William and Kate opted to continue to homeschool their kids when schools reopened a couple of months ago but we don’t have confirmation about what the plans will be looking ahead to September, when schools and colleges in England will fully reopen (under new guidelines: class bubbles, distancing, and regular handwashing). And some people have started wondering about next year when Big G turns eight, which is usually when, according to British royal tradition, they start boarding school.

Both William and Harry were sent to boarding school. But that was a different time, parenting is different now, even royal parenting. I wonder if William and Kate might actually break with this tradition. I feel like it’s definitely a possibility. 

Speaking of traditions now, it’s certainly a British royal social media tradition to release birthday greetings and the next British royal family birthday on the horizon is Meghan Markle’s on August 4. Keep an eye out. 

Yours in gossip,