Dear Gossips, 

For the second time in two weeks, a clip involving Kevin Hart has gone viral. Last week it was when he and Snoop Dogg were calling the dressage event at the Olympics. I still watch that back once a day and crack up. “The horse Crip walking, cuz!” 


Now we have another moment to add to the collection, only this one is way more awkward, but hilarious in its own way. If you haven’t seen it, I’m not going to set it up for you. Here you go – and the caption here is great too: 

You know why this works? Because if it’s real, it’s funny. But even if it was a bit, it’s STILL funny. I personally think it’s a bit of both. I think it was a genuine outburst by Kevin, lolololol, and then a genuine reaction from Don, LOL FOREVER, and Don just decided spontaneously to turn it into something more. And he plays it perfectly. This is improv, right? The initial reaction, that pause and the head nod, how he timed it, and then “we’ll take a poll on how you meant it”… I can’t, it’s so f-cking good. 

Too good. 


Because Kevin breaks. He always breaks! You’ll see, right after about the 35 second mark, he you can see, he cracks. And still, even that adds layers to the whole thing – because he could have been laughing out of discomfort, I know I do it all the time.

So this is good TV. And it’s definitely not drama, since Don and Kevin have known each other a long time, been friends a long time. Both were equally amused by how people were responding to their exchange on social media, with no hard feelings. 


And Don pretty much confirmed that it was a performance: 


By the way, to go back to Kevin and Snoop blooper reel – have you seen the blooper reel? This is a long video, I know, but I promise, almost every second is worth it. All jobs have upsides and downsides. And some workplaces look fun on the outside but are toxic behind the scenes. But wouldn’t you have wanted to be anything on this set, just to be around this energy? 


Yours in gossip,