Dear Gossips, 

If you could do commentary on any Olympic sport, what would it be? For me, since I’m obsessed with sports commentating, I wouldn’t be choosy, I’d be good with any rotation, I’ll take whatever sport they put on at 3am. That said, if there actually was an option for preference, it would be figure skating. Not saying that it should just be me and no expert on the panel, but there are times when a non-expert can add something to the conversation. Like Snoop Dogg. To be clear, though, there is no way anyone could bring what Snoop Dogg has been bringing to Olympic coverage. 


Have you seen this yet? 

This clip went viral over the weekend – and it’s a blessing. It’s Snoop with Kevin Hart on Peacock calling dressage. I’ve watched it probably a dozen times and it gets funnier and funnier: 

“How do the horses get to Tokyo?” 

They are asking the important questions!


The only way this could be better is if Leslie Jones was there too. Last Olympics it was Leslie Jones coming through with the calls. The Leslie + Snoop combination would be the gold medal standard. 

And we’re back from our extended weekend break. We have some catching up to do and some new gossip to get to so it’s a full schedule today, appreciate you joining us. 

Yours in gossip,