Lewis Hamilton and Kim Kardashian were both on Pharrell’s high profile guest list last night for his first Louis Vuitton menswear show. And Lewis and Kim were trending last night because of this exchange: 


Pretty sure I don’t have to explain why this went viral. Kim is… well… Kim. And Lewis is considered to be one of the greatest drivers in motorsport history. They’re both single. They’re both really attractive. And some people do not want to f-ck with the possibility. For Lewis’s F1 fans, given that Mercedes had an off season last year and the car this year, while improving, still isn’t as fast as they need it to be, they’re worried about the Kardashian Kurse,  which is the theory that any man who comes into the Kardashian orbit will be hexed and experience a professional and personal decline. Is it sexist? Yes. Has this family continued to defy and/or exploit the sexism to their advantage? Also yes. So whether or not Kim and Lewis actually happen, Kim will be fine, and Lewis will be fine. But could it really happen? 

I mean at this point I don’t think anyone should be doubting Kris Jenner’s ability to make sh-t happen. And I can’t imagine that Kris wouldn’t be looking at this with ambition. She probably already has a game plan. Lewis would be another major score. But could Lewis handle the Kardashian ecosystem? 


Well, it’s not like Lewis doesn’t like the attention. It’s not like Lewis isn’t used to attention. But, also, Lewis dips in and out. You’ll notice, on Drive to Survive, they’re shooting him in the paddock and they’ll use footage from inside the car and at the pressers, and he sits down for the confessionals but you can clearly sense that he keep coming back to the booth; they don’t have unlimited access to him. And they certainly don’t have access to his world outside of racing the way other drivers have opened up. That’s not the Kardashian way of life. 

But then again, all of this is VERY premature. Shakira wasn’t in Montreal for the Canadian GP but she’s very much still in this conversation. Until, of course, Kris decides to change the story.