Kim Kardashian talks about the appeal of Pete Davidson – that they can be together and just run errands and kinda just do nothing. Which in my mind is euphemism for that stage in a relationship when you’re just horny all the time and want to do nothing but stay home and be horny and if you do have to run errands is to go get condoms or snacks to refuel your horniness. Or is that just my old ass generation of people? (Cele|bitchy) 


Sean Penn did a long interview about all kinds of topics like the war on Ukraine but what’s getting the most headlines is what he said about his estranged wife, Leila George, and he’d probably be pissed that’s what we’re talking about instead of his very important thoughts on world events. I wonder if Leila is pissed that he’s talking to the world about their marriage and basically publicly apologising to her for his mistakes. Like, not everyone wants that. If can verge into the performative, and if she does NOT want it,  then it’s also maybe a little manipulative? (Dlisted) 

The fashion at the CMT Awards were pretty much what you’d expect at the CMT Awards: sparkles, feathers, and jewel tones. Plus hairspray…which is why I’m so taken with Maren Morris’s look. Specifically her hair. It’s flat. And those curtain bangs. I want them. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Will Poulter has some thoughts on method acting and they are reasonable and not selfish which means that, no, he is not here to defend Jared Leto’s f-cksh-t and I wonder if more and more actors will start distancing themselves from this kind of “process” because, seriously, when it gets to the point where a wheelchair needs to be brought around for someone who does NOT have a disability, we’ve gone way past art. (Pajiba) 

If you think you know snacks but you’ve never been to the snack aisles at an Asian grocery store, well, you don’t know snacks. I just went on Saturday and picked up a few bags of fried seaweed, which Sasha had never tried, and when I brought them to her on Sunday, I changed her life, no exaggeration. It was a good haul for me this weekend because I also managed to get a few boxes of a very-hard-to-find Pocky flavour: chocolate banana! Anyway, if you’re new to this world, here’s a good starter list of Japanese chips and other snacks that will improve your worldview. (Eater)