Big news today in the sports world: the Miami Marlins have named Kim Ng as their new General Manager. She is the first female GM in Major League Baseball history and the first Asian American General Manager in MLB history. Want to know her qualifications? Here: 


In other words, she had to be overqualified for the job. Not that this isn’t a happy day, of course it is. At the same time, we can also have a conversation about why this took so long – and why, when it did, she had to do so much more than so many others to be considered. It’s a story that women, and in particular BIPOC women, know very well. 

Dolly Parton’s interview with Oprah airs this weekend and she’s asked about getting older. Dolly’s response is that she’s too busy to be old. And then she also cracks a joke about her plastic surgeons helping her look young and… isn’t that why we love her? Yes, we believe that Dolly is ageless and yes, we know that Dolly refuses to look like she’s aging and both of those things can be true. (Dlisted) 


Here’s a debate that won’t turn into families splitting apart and friendships ruined forever. Or at least I hope it won’t? The question: is Mark Ruffalo in 13 Going On 30 the Hottest Character of the Last 20 Years? (Pajiba) 

ZENDAYA. You kill me. You keep killing me. Or, as the kids would say, you keep slaying me. Look at her on the cover of ELLE. Look at that pout. That skin. That pose. And, of course, it’s Zendaya in a gloriously fringey dress…with high-tops. She can do that. She does that. And it’s the perfect look. (Go Fug Yourself) 

When I read Cazzie David’s interview in the LA Times, my first reaction was about what her dad, Larry David, said to her when she was a heartbroken mess over her split from Pete Davidson because that is the most Larry David thing to say and we can all hear him saying it, right? (Cele|bitchy) 

Leta Powell Drake occupied most of my text threads yesterday with colleagues in broadcasting because… for anyone in television reporting on celebrities, this woman is our hero. If you missed the Twitter frenzy over Leta and the gold she’s given us in the past, hit up Vulture for a recap and a new interview about her new status as a viral sensation.  (Vulture)