It’s their names. They’re the kind of names that just sound really great with a “The X” in front of them.

Anyway, it was rumoured a couple of days ago that Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are engaged. That engagement was confirmed with an announcement in The Times:

Two people from Something-shire are getting married! The loves from Beyond The Wall are getting married!

This tradition of announcements has always fascinated me. Because it doesn’t happen in my culture. If it does, none of the Chinese people who raised me ever knew about it. Back in my ma’s village, if someone was getting married, they’d just holler the message over from one mahjong table to the other.

As for Kit and Rose, this is wonderful, sweet news, of course. But it’s also not a big surprise. He’s talked about moving in with her. They’ve been much more open about their relationship over the last year or so, and publicly too. And I wonder…because there was a time when there were rumours. Rumours that Kit was acting very single in Montreal when he was on location. Was it an official break? During which time he figured out that – cheese alert – she was his only rose?

Also attached - Kit out in London yesterday and at the Gunpowder premiere the day before.