We’re in the timeline of award shows, award shows all around us. Last night at the Hollywood Critics Association Awards, Kristen Stewart was named Best Actress for her work in Spencer and Andrew Garfield won Best Actor for his performance in tick, tick…BOOM!


Kristen and Andrew are also both nominated for Oscars. And while Jessica Chastain has emerged as the frontrunner for Best Actress after the SAGs the other night, Kristen and Penelope Cruz were not factors at that event, which means there really isn’t a slamdunk safe bet in that category. On the Best Actor side, Will Smith does have the lead and the “it’s his time” energy but… it’s not like the Academy didn’t just throw a curveball in the Best Actor category last year so Andrew is still in it. Because, well, what a year he’s had. With Spider-Man: No Way Home and tick…tick…BOOM! and don’t forget, now that we just mentioned Jessica Chastain – he’s in that movie! He’s Jim to her Tammy Faye!

So the Academy is seeing him maybe a lot more than the other contenders. 

Anyway, what cracked me up about Kristen and Andrew at this event is… well… you know how we always talk about how pre-Oscar speeches can sometimes be auditions for the real thing, and Academy members can see what it would be like if you put that person in that position? Matthew McConaughey is a good example. 


Well, LOL, Kristen and Andrew’s speeches last night were full of f-cks. Literally. It’s funny, I love it. And it was appropriate to that event, obviously. It’s not like should they win Oscars the two of them would get up on that stage and start dropping bombs. But also, as Sarah has been saying about contenders who are just happy to be nominated and how much more fun it is during the process – that’s kinda what we’re seeing here with both Kristen and Andrew.