It was announced back in June that Kristen Stewart had been cast to play Princess Diana in Pablo Larraín’s upcoming biopic Spencer. Pablo directed Natalie Portman in Jackie and if you’ve seen that film, you should know that this will likely be an unconventional story about a woman and a story that most people are already very, very familiar with. 


When the announcement was first made, as usual, Twitter reacted. Many couldn’t see KStew as Diana because, sure, when you think of Kristen Stewart, it’s not an immediate connection. But as I wrote last summer, Diana and KStew do share common ground that’s critical to the portrayal of Diana – they’re both princess punks. Diana was a princess who rebelled, who pushed back and pushed her way out with a lot of f-ckups along the way which is also part of her appeal. Diana was never perfect and casting a rebel like Kristen, who also rejected the Twilight Princess identity she was trapped in, makes total sense. Both Diana and Kristen blew it all up – and that’s a really interesting place to explore if that’s where this film is going. And if this indeed is what the story leans into, it doesn’t matter what the height difference is; the physical characteristics will be secondary to the spirt of it. 


Speaking of the physicality though, a first look at Kristen as Diana was released today… and WOW: 

We are no strangers to Kristen Stewart’s head tilt and that slightly open-mouthed expression of ennui. And, well, her eyerolls are famous at this point. That she’s deploying all of these now culturally familiar features for this role, to play the most familiar woman in recent history, is subversive and inspired. I can’t f-cking wait to see this.