Kristen Stewart and girlfriend Dylan Meyer were seen running errands together in LA yesterday and the day before ahead of American Thanksgiving. Kristen told Howard Stern a few weeks ago that Dylan is the one. That she already knows how she’ll propose. That she’s ready to get married. This, then, is their first Thanksgiving as a couple and probably their first Thanksgiving of many. I’m going to assume that they’re hosting together, given the size of their grocery cart and how much shopping they’ve done. 

What’s a Kristen Stewart holiday dinner party like? She has said in the past that she loves cooking and that she takes it very seriously. I can see that. Garrett Hedlund confirmed it too, revealing in an interview back in 2011 that she makes an amazing tortilla soup and that she would cook all the time when they were working together. Kristen has also, in the past, shared how much she enjoys watching cooking shows. 

Cooking shows are not my thing. But I do love to cook. Cooking and baking, for me, is self-care. Last weekend I roasted a whole chicken for the first time, not because I like chicken but because I thought it’d be a cool thing to learn how to do – and a healthy way to spend a few hours off my phone, just thinking about what to do with the damn chicken. I think I must have set a world record in the amount of time I spent stressing about tying the chicken legs together with the string. I could barely find the goddamn string in the grocery store. They have it in the pet food aisle, WTF. 

Here’s where I’m grateful for YouTube. Because on YouTube there are all kinds of videos that teach you how to “truss” a chicken. “Truss” is a new word for me. I had no idea it was called trussing, that there was an actual term for it. 

You think Kristen Stewart is trussing a turkey tomorrow? Or is she an anti-turkey Thanksgiving person? Unfortunately I feel like she’d be pro-turkey. Turkey is trash, don’t @ me. And don’t tell me about how your recipe is the best and it could change my mind. I will never change my mind about turkey. I’ve even had fried turkey and I love fried anything and I couldn’t love fried turkey. Good turkey is impossible.