It’s been a couple of months since Kristen Stewart’s been seen with Stella Maxwell. Kristen was shooting the Charlie’s Angels movie this fall in Europe. Stella visited her in Amsterdam in October. Shooting wrapped on Charlie’s Angels last week and Kristen’s back at home in LA, seen yesterday out for lunch holding hands with a woman who is not Stella Maxwell. Some people have identified her as stylist Sara Dinkin. Does this mean Kristen and Stella are over? Or are Kristen and maybe-Sara just good friends? 

Kristen and Stella were first seen together in 2016. Just prior to that Kristen was with St Vincent. And before that she was in a two year-ish relationship with Alicia Cargile that included an intense month-long situation with Soko. At the time I called her a player and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Men do it. Women, straight or gay, can do it.

It’s also an interesting challenge to the U-Haul lesbian stereotype although, maybe, it could be argued that Kristen does have some U-Haul tendencies because it does seem, at least through Photo Assumption, that she falls hard and fast. And remember, the Photo Assumption is available because she’s not hiding. Which she’s explained several times now – that even though fame can be a pain in the ass, what she can do, because she’s so famous, is normalise what’s considered other, to give what’s not heteronormative its own space in the culture. It was reported last month that she’s in talks to star in Happiest Season, co-written and to be directed by Clea DuVall, a rom-com about a woman who plans to propose to her girlfriend at her family’s holiday party but then she finds out that her girlfriend hasn’t yet told her conservative parents that she’s gay. 

Kristen could have as many as three projects to promote in 2019. Underwater, for which she shaved her head, which wrapped in 2017, should be coming out in the new year some time, and also Against All Enemies, in which she plays Jean Seberg. Then, of course, there’s Charlie’s Angels, due next December, expected to be a blockbuster. I imagine they’re hoping Happiest Season, intended to be a holiday movie, might be released around then too. 

Also attached – Kristen at Chanel later in the day. Apparently it was a good-sized haul and she walked out of there wearing a white Chanel jacket with black trim. I wonder if it was Christmas presents. Can you imagine doing your Christmas shopping at CHANEL?