Kristen Stewart started this year dating Alicia Cargile. At some point, she broke up with Alicia Cargile to be with Soko. She and Soko were undeniably demonstrative about their relationship for about a month. It was evidently torrid and brief, because a few weeks later, in Cannes, Kristen was back together with Alicia and, later, publicly declaring her love for her in magazine interviews. Then, at the end of summer Kristen started stepping out with St Vincent, real name Annie. Kristen and Annie seemed inseparable in the fall, and they too didn’t mind being photographed holding hands in New York, knowing that they were being talked about. Last week week it was reported that St Vincent scored Kristen’s upcoming short film, Come Swim. So, at the time, it was presumed that they were still together.


Kristen is shooting a film in Savannah, Georgia. And this week, she was joined on set by Stella Maxwell. Stella used to deal with Miley Cyrus. Stella and Kristen hung out at this year’s MET Gala. Meanwhile St Vincent? She’s been in LA this week. With friends. And Cara Delevingne.

She and Cara also spent time together alone:

So the latest is that Kristen and St Vincent are over and Kristen and Stella are together and St Vincent and Cara might be back together. Kristen Stewart in 2016? Was a PLAYER.