Social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t go outside for a walk with members of your household. Jacek and I took the dogs for a walk on Saturday and went for what I called quarantine-safe community visits. We stopped at Sasha’s first, and stood just off her porch while she talked to us through the door. Then we did the same at our friend Daniella’s – we stayed on the sidewalk while she was on her porch. After that it was over to Duana’s, same deal. From there we walked to the beach where playdates were happening and kids were all over the playground and groups of five or six or more people were going on coffee walks clustered together. This is not social distancing. In some neighbourhoods, you’re getting yelled at for this. My cousin, who lives about half an hour away, says that where she is, if you’re at the playground and meeting up with other families and not observing the SD recommendations, people will roll down their windows and shout at you. 

Speaking of shouting though… have you seen that video from Italy that went viral over the weekend? Our friend Lo shared it with us on the group chat and I must have hit replay at least four times. 


“Hairdresser? Who the F-CK is supposed to see you?!” 

I have been destroyed.  

Anyway, Kristen Stewart was out this weekend for a hike with friends, keeping their distance, and then they sat for a rest at the park, still keeping their distance, or at least trying to. Once again, for the people in the back – do it for the healthcare system and the healthcare workers who are already overwhelmed and are readying for a major surge, if we’re not careful!