You know that meme, right? “Find someone who looks at you the way X looks at Y…”? 

The Cannes Film Festival kicked off earlier this week. And this is my favourite photo so far. Had it not been for the Met Gala on Monday, it would have probably been my favourite photo of the week: Kristen Stewart looking at Cate Blanchett like a snack at the jury photo call:


It’s the seduction in her eyes. And her mouth too – it looks like she’s about to start purring. 

Photo Assumption (our favourite game of baseless conclusions) says that KStew is feeling Cate hard. I am now feeling KStew feeling Cate hard. 

In addition to giving me the best shot from Cannes, Kristen also gave me the Outfit Of The Week:

It’s Chanel, obviously. And the reason I’m highlighting it is for the boots. The clear boot-leg with the black toe and heels. How do we feel about these? I’m usually not into any kind of plastic on a shoe. As Karl Lagerfeld would say, “But cheapness also, non?” I will never not love that quote, delivered in that accent. 

Still… I can’t hate this boot. Because a boot that stops at that spot on the calf is usually tricky for me. It cuts me off in a weird area. With the plastic though, that’s not a problem anymore. That said, it’s probably not a good investment. This is a one-season boot. 

By the way, Stella Maxwell is also in Cannes. For modelling reasons. So both their schedules worked out and they can be together in real life while in my fantasies, Kstew and Cate are living their secret romance.