There hasn’t been an outfit this week that I can’t stop thinking about. But there has been a kiss this week that I can’t stop thinking about and we need to discuss. 

Check out Kristen Stewart yesterday in New York. She’s kissing screenwriter Dylan Meyer. Kristen, at this time last year, was with Stella Maxwell. She and Stella broke up some time in the fall of 2018. Shortly after, she was seen with stylist Sara Dinkin. They seemed inseparable – and it was definitely romantic. But then came the Met Gala 2019, Kristen and Stella both attended. After that, no more sightings of Kristen and Sara but lots of sightings of Kristen and Stella. They were officially back together and just last month they were kissing on a yacht while on holiday in Capri.

That shot that I just linked to above, of Kristen and Stella kissing on the yacht, is unmistakably intimate. Are these shots of Kristen and Dylan intimate though? I’ve looked through this set and you could interpret it two ways: they’re hooking up… or they’re just friends, goofing. 

I’m not getting a strong hit of “romance” here in the body language. The photo that most suggests that something more than friendship is going on doesn’t actually involve a kiss. It’s this one, of Kristen leaning into Dylan’s neck: 


Is that enough to call it then? Are Kristen and Stella over again? Kristen and Dylan are a thing now? Will there be a Kristen and Stella Part 3? 

This is the only answer to those questions: it’s all a front because her one true love is Robert Pattinson and their three babies. I’m pretty sure the truthers are up to three babies now.