Two years ago at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston greeted each other backstage and it broke the internet. Last night Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper reunited at the SAGs and it wasn’t quite to that level but it’s still a major headline coming out of the show – the stars of A Star is Born, co-stars who did not give the shippers what they were desperately hoping for by becoming a real-life couple, were at least in the same room. 


And people were in their feelings. 

I want to believe that people see this for what it is: friendship. But, yeah, probably someone will start a  rumour about how they hadn’t seen each other in a while and then at the SAGs, they were surprised by the intensity of their feelings and how much they missed each other and have decided to do a romance.


But they do look good, right? BCoop always looks good with his hair this length – I call it The Hangover length – and I was actually surprised to see him there at all, considering he hasn’t been all that in your face this award season. As Sarah said earlier though, the Supporting Actor category was pretty wide open going into last night, and people love his performance in Licorice Pizza so much, there was a good chance it would be him. Now that it’s not him though, he’s still in the Oscar race with Nightmare Alley as a producer. 

For her first in a series of expected award show appearances, Gaga went back to Armani Privé and it’s a perfect look for her. High glamour factor, dramatic …but also not super complicated. There are clean lines down the body, leaving the party up top, and I love the choice of neckpiece. And I really like that her hair is kinda limp and greasy, because the safe – and boring – bet here would have been to pull it up and back and go for traditional elegance and sophistication…which takes away the edge and the freshness of the whole mood. Kate Middleton, for example. As if Lady Gaga would ever.