Does it feel like it’s been ten years since Lady Gaga arrived at the Grammys as an egg? I remember, of course I do, and I’ll likely remember it forever, but I don’t feel like it was a decade ago. Just me? Katy Perry’s look, on the other hand, definitely looks like it was a decade ago. That whole vibe was specific to 2011, for sure. PS. That was the Grammys where Gwyneth Paltrow performed. Yes, kids, 2011 was that wild. (Go Fug Yourself)


I… um…what? This story involved a tub of bean dip, over 24 hours, Lana Del Rey, and a good cause. I admire everyone here for their generosity because I couldn’t. I would throw up all over myself and inside myself and I would never leave the shower again in my life. (Dlisted) 

No one cares about the person I don’t care to name anymore. And there are stats and facts to prove this and the reason for the not-caring is because his toys got taken away – and I don’t mean the office but his Twitter account. Which is why Seth Meyers was discussing on his show. (Pajiba)

Gayle King also thinks that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have receipts and since she’s Oprah’s best friend, we should believe her. Because there’s what went to air on the Oprah special and then there’s what Oprah found out when the cameras stopped rolling. And if there’s anyone privy to that information, it would be Gayle. The British royal institution probably knows this too – that there are receipts out there. And up to this point they probably thought Harry and Meghan would never slap their faces with them but here we are. (Cele|bitchy)

How could I possibly not do this Avengers quiz? I LOVE the Avengers. And this is a quiz about which Avenger you are. My favourite Avenger is Iron Man, Tony Stark. So I think I might have cheated a bit to try to be Tony…and somehow ended up as Spider-Man, what?! Is it because I’m an eternal teenager? (Buzzfeed)