Without even looking for a dress ID, I knew this was a Versace (or, as Nomi Malone would say, Versayce.) This is Lady Gaga at the Milan photo call for House of Gucci, rocking red Versace bustier gown and diva makeup and diva hair. Diva is very much Gaga’s Gucci vibe, from her performance to her press. I appreciate how Gaga turns the press tour into part of the performance. For A Star is Born, she was the ingenue, as befitting Ally Maine, and for House of Gucci she is all big hair and cat eyes and the gaudy side of haute couture. More stars should indulge press tours this way, it’s just more fun for everyone. Remember when stars WEREN’T just like us? Gaga does. 


Also, it sets her apart on the trophy campaign trail, which matters more this year than it has in a while with a hyper-competitive award season upon us. Nicole Kidman has officially entered the lists as Being the Ricardos has started screening, and she’s getting a decent-to-good reception to start. (I’m seeing it at the end of the week, ask me about it later.) How will Gaga set herself apart amidst the crowded Best Actress field? By continually bringing Patrizia Reggiani to the red carpet. It worked with Ally Maine, why not try it again