The last time we checked on Lady Gaga’s love life was last week, when she wasn’t wearing her ring at the Grammys leading to speculation that she and Christian Carino may have broken up. She also hasn’t been following him on Instagram even though he was following her. Yesterday, just before Oscar voting closed, PEOPLE confirmed through her rep that they’ve called off the engagement and that there’s nothing dramatic to the breakup. I don’t think Gaga’s engagement or un-engagement would have been a deciding factor in whether or not people voted for her for Best Actress but, at the same time, you don’t want it to be any kind of distraction either. Now the story has time to breathe before Sunday and, hopefully, not be an issue anymore. It would be a bigger issue if Christian was a bigger name. It probably isn’t an issue as to why, either. According to PEOPLE in a follow-up post: 

“Their friends knew they weren’t going to work out in the long run,” says a source close to the CAA agent. “It always seemed Christian was more into the relationship than Gaga was.”

Really? Never would have guessed that. 

gaga-one-20feb19.jpg gaga-two-20feb19.jpg

Maybe that’s not fair. Photo Assumption, our favourite game of baseless conclusions, is often more unreliable than reliable. Sometimes, though, you can’t help but layer the endgame onto whatever you were seeing then. 

There’s an interesting quote from Gaga that PEOPLE recalls in its reporting on the split, from her Netflix documentary, Gaga: Five Foot Two: 

“My love life has just imploded,” she says. “I sold 10 million [records] and lost Matt [“Dada” Williams, a producer she dated in 2009 and 2010]. I sold 30 million and lost Luke [Carl, a bar owner she dated in 2005 and 2010]. I did a movie and lose Taylor. It’s like a turnover. This is the third time I’ve had my heart like this.”

She gets an Oscar nomination and now she and Christian are no more. 

So already there was a pattern that she herself pointed out – when good things happen in her career, the opposite happens in her personal life. Is it sort of like the phenomenon that is/was known as the Oscar Curse? Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, and Reese Witherspoon were the three most often cited examples of it. Halle and Eric Benet ended after she won her Oscar. Then there’s Julia and Benjamin Bratt and Reese and Ryan Phillippe. Hilary Swank and Chad Lowe too. Technically Gaga’s doesn’t count because she hasn’t won (yet) but should it be an adjacent inclusion? 

More importantly, for the conspiracy theorists out there shipping her and Bradley Cooper, does this mean their performance of “Shallow” that night will be extra, extra hot?