Brad Pitt’s Miraval Rosé 2020 vintage will be released February 1. Have you ever had the Miraval rosé? It’s quite good…and not extravagantly priced, at least not where I live. I mean, it’s not a $9 bottle of wine but it’s also not a $50 bottle of wine. Usually retails in Ontario for about $25 and if I see it at the liquor store, especially in the summer, I’ll usually put one in the cart. There’s actually a bottle of it chilling in my fridge right now from New Year’s because they were on display during the holidays at my local right near the checkout line. 


Anyway, despite the fact that he and Angelina Jolie have co-owned Miraval for a while, neither has appeared in the advertisements for the brand until now. PEOPLE has the exclusive – the first campaign photo of Brad for Miraval shot by photographer Lachlan Bailey: 


Fitting that the way Twitter cropped the shot like that focuses on his pants because that’s the whole vibe of this image – laid-back, Brad in sweats looking like he barely cared to prep for his photo shoot because that’s just the kind of chill dude he is, you know? 

Brad and Lachlan have worked together before, for GQ. 


For a minute I wondered whether or not this new image was actually an outtake from those previous shoots but his hair seems a little longer? 

Anyway the point is Brad is using his image to promote his wine business and the selling point here is… drink my wine in your joggers and be as cool as he is.