Have you heard the Latto underwear story? It’s a classic example of how chaotic social media can be… and how wildly off-base it can get. People accused her of wearing the same pair of underwear over multiple days without, I guess, considering that people can own multiple pairs of the same underwear? And for a hot minute her used underwear was then offered on eBay, but now, apparently, that violates eBay policy. Which is where I’m like, huh? Because have you seen some of the sh-t they sell on eBay? How is used underwear a problem? (Dlisted) 


If you love hearts on your clothes, you’ll probably be into Natasha Lyonne’s outfit here. I’m very into it from above the waist. Below the waist I think a different footwear option would have been more exciting. (Go Fug Yourself) 

And the Ozempic controversy continues. There are side effects and, obviously, it’s not forever. Once you stop, the results could be reversed. Because there really is no magic pill – or shot – for anything. That said, you know what would scare me most about Ozempic? The nausea. I can’t handle nausea. I still get occasional bouts of vertigo from when I had COVID and that came with nausea and it was unbearable. (Cele|bitchy) 

A Murray Bartlett appreciation post – which is a collection of some of his best scenes. (OMG Blog) 

Rolling Stone’s list of the 25 Most Stylish Musicians is much less controversial than its previous list about the greatest singers. I would have had FKA twigs higher on the list. But I definitely agree with the artists in the top spot. Once you find out who it is, google his name + W Magazine and look at him in that dress. Then google his name + GQ Calabasas and enjoy that crochet outfit. (Rolling Stone)