Leo laughs with Camila

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 26, 2018 16:45:34 November 26, 2018 16:45:34

If you are American and were totally offline for Thanksgiving, please catch up on my favourite story from last week: Leonardo DiCaprio snubbing Chris Hemsworth and my theory about Leo as the Evil Queen from Snow White.  

Here’s Leo with his current bonafide Camila Morrone on Friday at lunch. He and Camila have been together almost a year now. Or at least it’s been almost a year since we first found out they were a thing. And it looks like their thing is still good – look at those big smiles, look at Leo laughing, delighted and amused to be in the company of someone who finds him so amusing…

Because isn’t that possibly an adjacent attribute to the reason why he may not have wanted to hang out with Chris Hemsworth? Leo rolls with a deep entourage. None of the members of his entourage are ever as empirically attractive as he is. He gets to be the prettiest boy at the party all the time. Similarly, it’s rare to see Leo spend a significant amount of time with a woman over 25 years old. Rare might even be an understatement. Camila is now 21 years old, right in the Leo sweet zone. Just like he may not want to spend time with a dude who’s hotter than him, and maybe, arguably, as successful, Leo isn’t often in the company of his female contemporaries. One will show up, once in a while – Jennifer Meyer comes to mind, when she and Tobey Maguire were married – but more often than not, that woman assumes a wife position, present during family events, kids birthday parties and holiday gatherings, but separate from the fun social engagements or the “work” occasions, hilariously not unlike the way gangsters and wives observe very clear and delineated time separations on the mafia schedule. That’s it, isn’t? That’s my other theory: Leonardo DiCaprio basically lives life like a Goodfella. 


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