Amy in Australia sent this story over to me last night and it’s my FAVOURITE. It’s a story that ostensibly starts out by making Chris Hemsworth look bad. It ends up being a story that makes Leonardo DiCaprio look bad. Here’s how it goes. 

Luke Zocchi is Chris Hemsworth’s longtime trainer. And Luke was on the radio recently in Australia talking about how Chris really wanted to meet Leo

“Poor Chris,” Zocchi said as he explained what happened. “We were on a press tour for Thor 2. We were in Japan, we were staying at the Ritz Carlton and DiCaprio was there with his whole posse. There was like 10 of his crew there.

“Chris was reaching out to his (DiCaprio’s) publicist going, ‘Get Leo, I want to have a beer with him.’ He never replied.”

As if being rejected once wasn’t bad enough, Hemsworth then had another crack at buddying up to DiCaprio two days later.

“We were standing in the lobby,” Zocchi told the Nova hosts. “I remember Chris waving and I remember turning and DiCaprio’s marching through the lobby with 15 dudes and he just walked straight past Chris.

“I turned to Chris and I was like, ‘Oh this is so awkward right now.’ He’s like, ‘Oh god.’

“It was amazing,” Zocchi said, as Fitzy and Wippa [the radio hosts] laughed hysterically.

So Leo snubbed Chris. But should Chris have to wear it? That’s not my read of the situation. My read of the situation is that, by the time Thor 2 came out, Leo would have known about Chris Hemsworth. The first Thor had been released AND the first Avengers movie had been released. It was a huge movie. In the business, in the circle, Chris wasn’t a nobody. Was he just not enough of a somebody for Leo? 

Or was it about something else? 

Boy sh-t is the best sh-t. And boys, just like girls, are jealous of other boys. It’s just that girls get slapped with the emotion more often. Chris Hemsworth is empirically attractive. He’s big, brawny, blonde. He is a hunk. He’s arguably just as attractive as Leo was in his prime and definitely MORE attractive than Leo is now.

Is it possible that that’s the problem? 

How often does Leo hang out with men who are hotter than he is? Think about the Pussy Posse Wolf Pack. None of them have ever been as pretty. He is always the Prom Queen of his crew. 

Thoughts on my theory? I’m really feeling this one.