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Chris Hemsworth Hulks out

Sarah Posted by Sarah at February 21, 2019 18:00:17 February 21, 2019 18:00:17
Quinn Rooney/ Getty Images

Today in I Mean, Okay news, Chris Hemsworth is going to star as Hulk Hogan in a biopic to be directed by Todd Phillips. This project reunites Phillips with The Joker screenwriter Scott Silver, and Hemsworth is also on board as a producer. This is a strange mix of people and topic, yet I can’t quite muster up any interest in this. Full Story

All 5 Songs

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 1, 2019 14:51:42 February 1, 2019 14:51:42

It was reported last week that Oscar producers only intended to have two of the five Oscar-nominated songs performed on the broadcast: “All The Stars” and “Shallow”. Full Story

Tessa Thompson swaggers all over MiB

Sarah Posted by Sarah at December 20, 2018 18:46:36 December 20, 2018 18:46:36
YouTube/ Sony Pictures

Does anyone have more visible fun on camera than Tessa Thompson? She has that strut, and that smirk, and that presence, and when the movie is fun, she makes it FUN. The latest film to have Tessa Thompson swaggering all over the place is Men in Black: International, the sequel/spin-off to the Will Smith franchise which now stars Thompson and Chris Hemsworth. Full Story

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Leo doesn’t know Chris

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 22, 2018 16:04:54 November 22, 2018 16:04:54

Amy in Australia sent this story over to me last night and it’s my FAVOURITE. It’s a story that ostensibly starts out by making Chris Hemsworth look bad. It ends up being a story that makes Leonardo DiCaprio look bad. Here’s how it goes.  Luke Zocchi is Chris Hemsworth’s longtime trainer. Full Story

Bad Times at the El Royale: a kitschy Lynchian dream

Sarah Posted by Sarah at October 18, 2018 19:14:29 October 18, 2018 19:14:29

Bad Times at the El Royale, Drew Goddard’s follow-up to The Cabin in the Woods is at once completely like that movie and nothing like that movie. Getting into the specifics of how El Royale works would spoil it, but one important thing to know is that despite the ominous trailer and Goddard’s previous genre work, El Royale is not a horror movie. Full Story

Tessa and her Chris 

Kathleen Posted by Kathleen at October 18, 2018 14:31:38 October 18, 2018 14:31:38

If there’s anyone who could make me re-evaluate my Chris rankings, it’s Tessa Thompson. Pine is still my number one but watching Tessa and Chris Hemsworth hang out while shooting the new Men in Black is really strengthening Hemsworth’s stock. He only slightly edged out his brother Liam as my best Hemsworth after Thor: Ragnorok, thanks again to Tessa (and Taika Waititi), so this is high praise from me. Full Story

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“Post-Hunk” Chris Hemsworth

Sarah Posted by Sarah at August 23, 2018 15:51:07 August 23, 2018 15:51:07

The Greater Hemsworth covers GQ this month, getting ahead of Bad Times at the El Royale, a movie that probably won’t justify this level of marketing. The interview is pretty good because the writer, Lauren Larson, examines Hemsworth in context of a shifting ideal of Hollywood masculinity, and how he has stayed “relevant” through the flux. Full Story

Top Chrises Walk

Sarah Posted by Sarah at August 13, 2018 13:00:43 August 13, 2018 13:00:43
Dimitrios Kambouris/ Alberto E Rodriguez/ Getty Images

The gears have been grinding slowly but surely on a fourth Star Trek movie, which was to star Top Chrises Pine and Hemsworth as a father-son Captain Kirk duo in, presumably, some kind of timey-wimey scenario that would resurrect Hemsworth as Captain Kirk the Senior. Full Story