When you’re in a relationship, do you mark it by how many holidays you spend together? Or how many holidays you’ve made it through? 

We first started talking about Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone just before Christmas, when he was seen leaving her house, even though Gossip Cop, at the time, tried to go all “fake news” on the story. Then Leo and Camila spent New Year’s together in Aspen. They were together at Ellen DeGeneres’s birthday party in February. That counts as Valentine’s Day if you consider Valentine’s a holiday. And now it’s Easter and they were papped with her arm looped into his in LA after breakfast yesterday – the Daily Mail has the exclusive on the photos. 

So we’ve crossed two holidays now. And we’re about to move into a new season. Which also happens to be the end of cuffing season which means parties in Cannes and summer parties around the world. Can Camila make it past spring and into the summer? Her birthday is in the summer. She turns 21 in June. Leo, meanwhile, will remain 43 years old until November. The good news then is that she’d be only one year younger than he is when she doubles her age after her birthday: 21 x 2 = 42. At some point, I wonder, if we’ll be talking about Leo and his girlfriends in terms of triples. Like when he’s 60, anyone he dates will have to TRIPLE their age to be close to his age. Because when he’s 60 he’s still be dating 20-year-olds, right?