Leonardo DiCaprio started 22 with a girlfriend – Camila Morrone who he actually started dating around five years ago at this time of year back in December 2017. Camila, however, turned 25 in 2022. And just a couple of months after her 25th birthday, it was confirmed that she and Leo had broken up. 


Nepo Babies are the talk of the week because of Nate Jones’s piece on the Year of the Nepo Baby published in Vulture a few days ago. Some would say that Camila is a Nepo Baby as Al Pacino used to be her stepfather. Which is how she met Leo in the first place…when she was 12.

When news broke that Leo and Camila were over, of course you remember the jokes. Because it’s well-known at this point that Leo never dates anyone over 25. But then five minutes later he was linked to Gigi Hadid who, by the way, also kinda qualifies as a Nepo Baby because her mother, Yolanda, was a model and is currently a reality star and was married to David Foster. 

Leo and Gigi have been dealing with each other since the fall and were seen together last month but not since Leo was in Miami for Art Basel, constantly surrounded by models. Gigi was in Aspen with Bella the other day. That, by the way, is where Leo and Camila first got serious in 2017 over the holidays. Leo’s not in Aspen though. Leo, on Tuesday, was seen in LA, leaving The Birds Street Club with …another Nepo Baby!


This time it’s Victoria Lamas, the daughter of Lorenzo Lamas. For those of you too young to know, Lorenzo was hot sh-t for a bit in the late 80s/90s for being on a nighttime soap called Falcon Crest. His character’s name was Lance Cumson. Lance Cumson! Later on he was on The Bold and The Beautiful. Anyway, Victoria is 23 years old and, shockingly, she’s a model. 

She and Leo were seen leaving in a car together on Tuesday – the Daily Mail has the photos. Sources are trying to say that they were just hanging out and nothing more which I don’t not believe but I do wonder about his situation with Gigi and how far those two, if they are even still a situation, make it into 2023.