Leonardo DiCaprio, over the last few weeks, has been travelling. And in particular, these are the places where he’s been seen: London, Milan, Paris. They are major European cities, nothing unusual for any other person. Except of course Leo isn’t just any other person. And these destinations, in particular, suit his preference. He has one preference: models. And he happened to be in London, Milan, and now Paris just as the fashion weeks were happening there. Obviously not necessarily for the clothes. 


Basically he tours around where the models will be. Which I guess some people would consider a boss move, and others would say …what’s the difference between him a groupie. 

Maybe it’s that groupies don’t throw parties? Because when he’s in town for the fashion weeks scouting the models, he throws a party. And that makes him less of a loser? 

Last night in Paris he hosted a party attended by Anwar Hadid, brother of course of Gigi. And there was a new development with Gigi and Leo last week. They were at a dinner with some other people in Milan last week prompting many to speculate whether or not this is a thing again. But then sources insisted that they’re just friends who were at a birthday dinner for another friend. I feel like these sources were on Gigi’s side…maybe because she doesn’t want to be just another model on the Leo model list?

That’s my own speculation but at what point, for the models, does it cease to be an actual bonus for them and more like an embarrassment? Then again, that may be another bonus for him in only dating women barely out of their teens. They’re still figuring things out. They may not realise it yet, what they realise eventually as they mature. Which explains why he’s interested when he’s interested.