It’s that time of year: celebrities head to Italy every summer, even though by now we and the paparazzi all know that it’s either Portofino or Positano or Capri or Sardinia, and even though it’s always been a holiday destination and increasingly so now that people know that it’s a celebrity destination, the stars just keep going. Because it’s not just civilians who follow the stars – the stars follow themselves. 


So here’s Leonardo DiCaprio, on a yacht in Porto Cervo, and he’s joined this time by one of his best friends, Tobey Maguire. Obviously they are not alone. Several model types were also part of the group – but not Gigi Hadid and there’s been a question mark about their situation over the last couple of months because they were seen hanging out during Oscar weekend back in March and had dinner with friends at the beginning of this month and both made appearances last week in Cannes during the festival. 

Doesn’t seem to be much gossip, though, coming out of Cannes about Leo and Gigi so if there was a hookup they’ve been able to keep it contained or it could just be that they were there on their own professional schedules without any personal crossover. 

Leo of course was in Cannes for the premiere of Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon which, as Sarah noted, was warmly received, setting up the film for its October wide release and its Oscar campaign. 


Most of the hype *should* belong to Lily Gladstone but, you know, it’s Leo, and given the excessive reverence that both the industry and the culture at large has about his acting, there are already people who are expecting that he’ll be nominated again. At which point he’ll act like he doesn’t care and doesn’t want it. But of course he wants another one. “More” is Hollywood’s favourite word. 

But before then, there’s still a whole summer to be enjoyed. As much boat life as possible. At one point during Cannes, Leo and Tobey were seen on billionaire James Packer’s yacht in Antibes. From France to now Italy, celebrity boat season, 2023 edition, has officially begun.