Every Friday for the last month, Leonardo DiCaprio’s given me a reason to post about him. The reason is always the same and it’s been the same for the last 25 years: models.

Paris Fashion Week just wrapped up. So of course Leo stayed in Paris after being honoured in Monaco last week. Here’s Leo in Paris sightseeing at the Musee de L’Orangeri with faithful Lukas Haas and two models the other day. The models are Juliette Perkins and Candice Blackburn. I think these are new? I don’t mean to talk about them like objects but consider this a written perspective from his narrative. When they accumulate at these numbers, the people often become objects.

The last two models associated with Leo were Lorena Rae and his ex Toni Garrn. Now that he’s hanging with two other models, does this mean that whatever was happening with Lorena is now over? And that Toni is back to being an ex and not a rekindled? Probably. It’s Leo’s birthday in a month. Fresh models make great birthday presents.