The Hollywood Reporter published a piece about how “personal baggage” will affect the Oscar potential of certain actors, and included Letitia Wright, the only woman, in an article that was mostly men who’ve been accused of abuse, like Brad Pitt, Roman Polanski, and Woody Allen. She does NOT belong in this group, and she called them out for it.  (Cele|bitchy) 


As I have said since she first came on the gossip scene about a year ago, Julia Fox emerged as a fully-formed gossip self-generator in the style of the Kardashians. She runs toward the drama cloud, not away from it, and when there’s no cloud to be found, she’ll create one. Which is what she’s doing here – telling Kim K she did her a favour by dating Kanye West, LOL forever. (Dlisted) 

I looooooooveeee this dress on Gabrielle Union SO much. And it would totally be my Outfit of the Week except that Gabby is so often my Outfit of the Week – I mean I just posted about this last week! But also, for Gabby, what great timing: promoting an animated movie, right after the release of The Inspection, so even more promo time during campaign season as she tries for her first ever nomination. She’s still a long shot right now but as I wrote yesterday, there’s time and she definitely has a chance. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Elon Musk is proving that even billionaires want celebrities to like them. And he so desperately wants his favourite celebrities to like him. Donald Trump is like this too. And when they didn’t like him, or didn’t give him Emmys, he had a suck attack over it – which, not surprisingly, is what Elon is doing. (Pajiba) 

Oh. My. GOD. Thanksgiving congee! If you don’t know congee, it’s basically Chinese comfort food – rice porridge. I’ve used the leftover turkey (turkey is gross but I will take the leftovers to throw it in congee) before but I’ve never done as Calvin Eng has suggested and tossed all the other leftovers on it. Genius! (Eater)