Dear Gossips,

Lewis Hamilton made history yesterday, becoming the first F1 driver with 100 career wins at the Russian Grand Prix in Sochi... 


Not to make it about me, but I’m that asshole who makes everything about her birthday, and September 26 just happens to be my birthday. Since I love Lewis, I’m thrilled that this day will always be special to him, LOL. 

I can’t wait to watch the behind-the-scenes of yesterday’s race on the next installment of Drive to Survive which of course they’re still filming and it’ll be an especially intriguing one since both championships are so tight this season. Drive to Survive is a 100% a Show Your Work series – it takes an entire team to win a race, much more than just a driver, and Lewis’s win, in particular, was a team effort considering that, towards the end, even though he was resistant to pitting, in the end he did heed the advice of his crew, who were looking at the radar maps and the splits, and came in for a tire change, which made the difference. 

It’ll still be a few months yet though but let’s take this opportunity to talk about Lewis at the Met Gala a couple of weeks ago because the last time I posted about him, ahead of the Italian Grand Prix, I was wondering if he would make it to the Met Gala. And he did. 


Although he’s attended the event several times in the past, this year was the first year that Lewis hosted his own table. And he invited Black creatives to join him, including emerging Black designers, telling W that, “It’s important to me to uplift and celebrate Black people and our culture and with the year’s Met theme, I thought it was a great way to further express this”. 

His outfit was designed by Kenneth Nicholson, a black suit over a white shirt with a lace train on one side. 


Remember, since Lewis was in Italy in the days leading up to the Met Gala, he only arrived in New York on the day so final fittings happened on the day too. That’s the kind of turnaround that happens in fashion – I would watch the sh-t out of a docuseries that’s about what happens before the Met Gala to get all of these looks ready. Has this been pitched yet? 

The gossip birthday gifts don’t stop with Lewis though. Celebrities came through for me on my birthday weekend, LOL! Bennifer came through for me on my birthday! All of that is coming up.

Yours in gossip,