Another race weekend – it’s Friday of the Austrian Grand Prix which means the paddock is the site of Lewis Hamilton’s fashion show. The look today is monochrome blue, which reads purple in some light, and almost exactly as it was styled on the runway with the exception of the sneakers. Lewis opted for Valentino instead. I support this decision. 


Here’s another thing I need to learn from Lewis: he’s not tall but his height is never an issue with his style choices – that is, he doesn’t avoid clothes that are shown on tall people, trusting that even though they’ll fit him differently, he can still make it work. These pants are a good example. 

Can’t really look too closely at the pants, though. I’m trying to be a decent respectful person…but, you know, sometimes your eyes are just drawn to certain places. And I’m not usually that person who looks at those areas but, it’s hard not to see it! 

Let’s focus on something else. Like the race, and the fact that Peter Bonnington aka Bono, the engineer who is always in Lewis’s ear, is not in Austria this weekend. Marcus Dudley is on with Lewis instead and there seemed to be some communication issues today in practice. Not saying that was the reason he went into the barriers. Let’s see how he does in the sprint. 


Speaking of Bono, here he is working out some engineering details with Roscoe the other day. 


Roscoe appears to be doing his own Drive to Survive these days. Roscoe the documentarian: 

He was not seen today though because… well… he looks tired, LOL. 


And he sounds tired: 

The baller life of Roscoe Hamilton.