Here’s a bit of holiday cheer: Happiest Season, the LGBTQ rom-com starring Kristen Stewart, Mackenzie Davis, and Dan Levy will premiere on Hulu November 25, one day before US Thanksgiving. So if you’re looking for something to watch while hiding from your family—no matter how the election goes, I feel like a lot of us will be hiding from someone—you now have the first studio holiday rom-com starring a queer couple to keep you company. 


Happiest Season stars KStew and Davis as a lesbian couple going home to visit the family, only one partner hasn’t come out to her conservative family. This is basically the plot of a Hallmark holiday rom-com, except instead of coming out the big secret is usually something like a promotion, or quitting a stable corporate job to chase a fanciful dream like becoming a baker. 

Happiest Season is directed by Gen-X icon Clea Duvall, herself a queer woman. Stewart called the project “exhilarating” and “freeing”, and says Duvall brings a “lack of confusion and generalization” to the project, which I assume means a lack of stereotypes and straight assumptions about queer love. I hope KStew’s enthusiasm translates into a comedy performance. As we know from SNL, she is quite funny, and she got all the good jokes in Charlie’s Angels (still a great escapist watch, by the way). I am so ready for a footloose and fancy-free rom-com starring Kristen Stewart, seriously. Bring on the cool, lowkey funny girls in love, let us have this one thing in 2020. WE NEED IT. 

Speaking of KStew, can we now admit her to the ranks of Hollywood Chrises? I hear there’s a vacancy.


Attached: Kristen Stewart and girlfriend Dylan Meyer go grocery shopping in LA on October 17, 2020