Tom Cruise was at Silverstone yesterday for the British Grand Prix. But Silverstone always draws a celebrity crowd and not just on Sunday. Keanu Reeves was in the paddock for qualifying on Saturday – that’s two major movie stars taking in the Formula 1 festivities this weekend. 


Keanu was a guest of Ross Brawn and he was there, officially, on business. He’s producing a documentary about the 2009 F1 season and the Brawn car. That is wayyyyy before my introduction to F1 since, as mentioned so many times already, I only started paying attention because of Drive to Survive on Netflix. Now that I’m fully invested, of course I’ll watch what Keanu wants me to watch; the documentary is expected to stream next year on Disney+. 

As for Keanu, he was seen initially in the Aston Martin garage – perhaps that’s the Canadian connection as the team is owned by Lawrence Stroll, a Canadian. 


Later on he headed over to Ferrari where he watched Carlos Sainz take pole position: 

But he seemed to be pretty accessible the whole time, taking pictures with anyone who asked and didn’t mind the rain. And he agreed to a few interviews – watch how excited he is, even in the rain. What I love about what he loves about F1 is that it’s what I love about it. Check him out below, talking about the “personalities, the drama, and the politics”. That is the correct answer. 


The secret sauce to F1 and why Drive to Survive attracted an entire generation of new fans is because of the petty ass sh-t that goes on off the track. Keanu sees it too!