The fit of Lil Nas X’s white suit here is perfect. And I’m so into the white turtleneck under it. The furry hat is pure him, for some personality and fun, but this is one of his more conventional red carpet looks, which is why, to me, it’s a surprise. Also appreciate Busy Philipps going for fun here with her outfit – this is the right occasion for it. But I wish the boots didn’t look so budget because it gives the whole ensemble a Halloween costume vibe. (GoFugYourself)


Today in People Who Can’t Help Themselves on Social Media, Hilaria Baldwin is sharing a story about how Alec once shushed her during labour which is probably the most dick of dick moves other than telling your wife while she’s in labour that you’re leaving her for another woman and I wonder if Hilaria thinks she’s Kris Kardashian here, a master of distraction since Alec’s got a pile of other “this is not a good look” problems he’s dealing with. Girl. Not even close. (DListed)

Speaking of dick moves, people on Reddit are fantasising about fictional characters and which ones are hung like Pete Davidson and my mind immediately went to Tom Wambsgans and what the f-ck is wrong with me? (Pajiba)


Prince Andrew’s defence team wants to dismiss Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s lawsuit against him and one of their arguments is based on her age – that she was 17 at the time that she was alleged trafficked to him so she could legally consent. Look, if you have to use this as a technicality, nickel-and-diming her age, on a sex trafficking charge, to me it’s desperado…because didn’t this man also claim that he doesn’t remember meeting her? And now we’re nickel-and-diming her age?! (Celebitchy)

An auteur director has something to say about blockbuster superhero movies. And… it’s not what you think. Or at least it’s not what so many other auteur (and mostly male) directors think, like Scorsese and Nolan and that cohort. Paul Thomas Anderson isn’t bitching about Spider-Man. Refreshing! (IndieWire)