Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa have been together since 2005. They have two children. And they got married last month. But it was probably assumed that they were married a long time ago, right? I’ve just spent half an hour google imaging photos of them together. It’s demented how attractive they are. Look at this picture. HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE???


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Here’s another one:


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Like, what the F-CK!?

Anyway, Lisa and Jason were at the Justice League premiere last night, their first officially married red carpet. You know what I read somewhere today? That she’s so lucky to be with him because he’s so hot. 

Excuse. Me. 

Excuse me? 

Lisa Bonet? Is the SH-T. 

The attitude. The style. The everything. Lisa Bonet, don’t forget, defied Bill Cosby well before anybody knew that Bill Cosby should be defied. 

After all these years, I love that we know almost nothing about Lisa Bonet. This is partly why she is an icon. An actual icon. Jason Momoa is not an icon. He’s married to one though. 

Are you familiar with this Instagram account? I check it almost every day. This shot KILLS me. 


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