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As mentioned yesterday, a lawsuit was filed against Lizzo yesterday by three of her former dancers alleging sexual harassment, weight-shaming, and general threats to workplace safety. The picture that has been painted of Lizzo is that she’s a hypocrite – after building a reputation as someone who advocates for body positivity and inclusion and kindness, the accusers are saying that Lizzo is full of sh-t, that she’s a terrible boss, that she’s uncaring and insensitive. 


After the details of the lawsuit were made public, more people who’d had experience with Lizzo came forward. (Click the link if the tweet below this line isn't showing for you)

Sophia Nahli Allison is a documentary filmmaker. Her film, A Love Song for Latasha, was nominated for Oscar in 2020. She’s calling Lizzo “arrogant, self-centered, and unkind”. 


Quinn Wilson, Lizzo’s former creative director, and Courtney Hollinquest, another former dancer, have also backed up the claims in the lawsuit. 

As many people on social media have already pointed out, this is giving Ellen DeGeneres, who was supposed to be the queen of nice and… did not turn out to be so nice. 


Speaking of the Queen though, it would seem as though all of this noise has made it to Beyoncé, because last night in Boston, during her performance of “Break My Soul”, the Queens Remix, Beyoncé skipped over Lizzo’s name and repeated Erykah Badu’s instead. 


“Hitting two birds with one stone” there refers to what people had been gossiping about before the Lizzo situation broke, after Erykah posted a couple of B’s tour looks on IG stories: 


Was Erykah shading Beyoncé? Was B clapping back at Erykah? Or is it more likely that B was paying respects, because that’s pretty much why she released the Queens Remix anyway? I prefer to believe the latter. 

Where Lizzo is concerned though… 

I don’t think we can interpret any other way than what it appears to be. Beyoncé is always intentional. And if Lizzo’s name shows up on that screen, but B won’t say Lizzo’s name, and repeats someone else’s instead, well, Her Majesty isn’t f-cking with her. 

Will be very interesting to see how Lizzo takes it from here. 

Yours in gossip,