Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello are moving ahead pretty quickly with their divorce. It seems like it should be fairly … un-Costner. (Cele|bitchy) 


Fran Drescher is in New York today. She gave a short speech at a rally  and she was also on The TODAY Show. I loved what she said near the end of her remarks when she was addressing union members about the fact that making money and compensating artists fairly aren’t mutually exclusive. Her talking points, of course, are key here and you will read them when you click on the link. Right now I want to talk about her clothing – because presentation is important. When Fran gave that fiery speech on the day SAG-AFTRA confirmed the strike, you’ll recall she was in athleisure – yoga pants and a light jacket, no makeup. The impression: she hadn’t slept, she’d been on the phone all night and morning, and she was too busy to care about an outfit. Today though, the hair was done, there was some makeup, she was wearing a simple black dress. And slip-on sneakers. Even on television. Because she’s on strike, because she’s on the picket line. And she needs comfortable shoes. All of that is intentional and it’s smart. (Today) 

This red dress looks great on Lily Allen and I know the Fug Girls are saying that it’s kinda like a beachwear coverup, because it’s sheer, that’s also what makes it so interesting – because if it wasn’t sheer, it wouldn’t be special. My favourite part of this look overall, though, is the earrings. The earrings are SO GOOD. (Go Fug Yourself) 


A lawsuit against Lizzo has been filed by three of her former dancers who allege that they were sexually harassed and weight-shamed. The accusations are shocking and, obviously, if true, they are so disappointing because it goes against everything Lizzo claims to stand for: body positivity, safe work environments, and love and respect. Lizzo has not yet responded – but it’s hard to imagine what possible justification there could be. (Pajiba) 

Warner Bros Japan has apologized on social media for the American Warner Bros Twitter account for how it’s engaged with messages that make light of the atomic bomb. I hope I don’t have to explain why. WB’s Japanese officials are also hoping that headquarters will take this feedback seriously – because one of the central themes of Oppenheimer, the film, is to remind of us the horrors of nuclear armament and the consequences and to warn against complacency against new forms of warfare, like digital warfare. Which requires digital responsibility. (The Mary Sue)