Channel 4 News in the UK yesterday aired a report on Jeffrey Epstein and his accused sex trafficking accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell, and the whole point of the piece was to question why investigations in their alleged criminal operation are ongoing in America, Europe, and the Caribbean, but there’s been no similar action taken by the Metropolitan Police Service in England. This is key because several victims, including Virginia Roberts Giuffre, have claimed that many of the crimes took place in London, specifically at Ghislaine Maxwell’s home. 


Channel 4 News has gathered evidence from at least half a dozen victims who are calling for British authorities to pull up and during the program, with legal expert insight, the question comes up about what the reason or reasons could be for the London police’s hesitance. One person in particular emerges as a factor: Prince Andrew, of course.

Just in case you forgot, Prince Andrew was friends with both Ghislaine Maxwell and the dead rapist pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, and is pictured in a photograph with then 17-year-old Virginia Roberts Giuffre at Maxwell’s London home. As that clip reiterates, Prince Andrew has denied any involvement with Epstein and Maxwell’s sex trafficking f-ckery and promised to cooperate with American investigators but, well, so far that hasn’t materialised. And it doesn’t sound like he’s had to make good on what he said because investigators at home, in England, haven’t put all that much energy, if any at all, into investigating how Epstein and Maxwell were sexually abusing girls. 


Interesting then what Solicitor Harriet Wistrich is saying here – that it’s possible that the police aren’t that keen in pursuing the case because it could implicate them? “We also know that Met Police will have been involved in [Prince Andrew’s] personal protection. And so there may be issues of conflict of interest there. If Prince Andrew was being taken to various premises by his Met personal protection officers, they may have had constructive knowledge of what was going on.”

Well, sh-t. IF that’s a legit situation, the implication here is that the British royal family and the police service both stand to benefit from the police not actively pursuing these crimes. Which would be a gross level of “conflict of interest”, to put it diplomatically. That is exactly how law enforcement is NOT supposed to work. 


Back in 2019, Scotland Yard defended its decision to drop the investigation because they say that most of the crimes happened outside of the UK. The thing is, at least one victim is on the record saying that she was sex trafficked at Ghislaine Maxwell’s home… in London. Now that Channel 4 News’s report has aired though: 

It remains to be seen whether or not their “review” actually makes a difference or if they’ll find another way out of putting heat on this case. 


As for Prince Andrew though, it’s been a year and a half since he stepped away from public royal duty and there’s been talk that he’s been waiting for an opportunity to make a comeback. So even if the London police don’t end up opening an investigation, the fact that this is in the news, and that this information is being shared, and that people are still pushing for questions, it doesn’t help his cause. Which should be the least of his problems. The fact is, there are a lot of people who think he has a LOT of information. And because of his privilege, he has not had to answer for it. Now why isn’t there more screaming about this?